Bank Of America App Cool Features How To Use Them

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I'm going to show you some cool features

here which or Bank of America app I

think it's pretty cool since I had time

this Kobe 19 that everybody locked down

I had a little time to play with this

app so I'm gonna go through here at Bank

of America I'm gonna click on it I'm

gonna go ahead and log on and show you

guys and if you know more features uh

put it in the comments below and that

share this information I think they're

pretty cool just save you a lot of time

specially like for me click on my

checking account you can go to your

dashboards and different products but

I'm gonna just click on my chicken

account and I'm gonna scroll down and

then this one right here your spending

budget like mine says nice work yeah

average you spin it's not 200 dollars

less than to deposit each month so it