Apple Watch SOS feature can call 911 if you're not careful

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a consumer alert for you this morning

police could end up at your door

thanks to your Apple watch newsChannel

fives hannah mcdonald talked to a user

who says the SOS feature is asking for


it's on the side right here Susan slay

learned the hard way where the 9-1-1

feature is on her Apple watch I was

actually at a party with about 15 to 20

people and I heard a knock on the door

it was Hendersonville police looking for

her he said did you call the police

and I said no I didn't and I looked at

my phone and I did at some point she

accidentally tapped the button that

notifies the local authorities goes to

the Sumner County consolidated dispatch

at the Emergency Operations Center where

a dispatcher will answer the phone and

try and see what the emergency is