THIS Is How You Design an Airstream for AirBnB!

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hey guys we just finished an Airstream

project out here on the protein alias

River for a really cool air stream

called casita coyote this is going to be

on Airbnb so I will check all up put the

link there so you can check it out if

you're coming to Austin please consider

staying here the owner's name

he's an awesome dude we had so much fun

doing this project I want to show you me

a quick tour

so come on here we go guys

I'm super excited about the way this

palette came out we did an l-shaped

built-in sofa and we'll also put them

before shops on here too so you can see

what we're working with

we used birch wood for the bottom

there's two drawers the L shape is 40

did we do 40 inches deep it was 40

inches deep