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Hey future millionaires it's Ellie aka Ellie Talks  Money and as you know I am your favorite business  

coach today I am going to be talking to you all  about how you can get your first Airbnb without  

owning any property I need you guys to understand  that Airbnb is such a lucrative industry right now  

and if you want to be in real estate long term  getting into Airbnb now is a great way to start  

this process and to start getting your feet wet  and understanding how the game works as well as  

making money the great thing about getting your  first Airbnb without owning anything is there's a  

very low barrier to entry, and that's exactly what  I'm going to go over with you in today's video  

is how to get it done and how to get your first  unit in 30 days or less so I want you guys to  

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All right y'all welcome back into the video so  let's talk about how you can get your first Airbnb  

without owning any property and again you guys  can make this happen within your first 30 days  

I have helped several students acquire their first  second third and more units and literally they  

went from no airbnb to having an airbnb in 30 days  or less so the first thing that i want you guys  

to know is that in order to do this the Ellie way  you need to make sure that you have an LLC or an  

actual registered business entity what's key about  this is I teach you all how to acquire Airbnbs via 

a corporate lease and what's key with that is  you cannot be a corporate company without having  

an actual business entity now the reason why i'm  doing it and as a corporate lease is so important  

is because this is you entering a business  contract and a business relationship with that  

landlord because you are a business as well in  addition why that's important is because you want  

to make sure that with all businesses everything  that has to do with the business is separate from  

you personally this is why I teach you guys to do  this under your business name so that there's no