Airbnb settings you need to turn OFF. Like, right now.

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when you're first getting started on any

short-term rental listing platform

whether it be airbnb or verbo or one of

the others it can be a bit overwhelming

to navigate through all of the different

fields and settings generally it's a

good idea to have all of the fields

filled out so that you have a complete

listing and at first glance it might

seem like the best option is to turn on

every setting that airbnb recommends but

that's not always the best idea because

i'm sorry to break it to you but airbnb

does not always have your best interest

in mind not to worry we've got your back

and we'll show you how we configure our

airbnb settings for our short-term

rental business so that you can optimize

your pricing protect yourself from

getting kicked off the platform and more

what's up guys i'm stephen and i'm kylie