Will Landlords Let You Sublet Your Apartment For Airbnb? How To Pitch Landlords Short Term Rentals

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okay this is gonna be fun alright

welcome back everybody family so if we

have any audio issues just send me a

text message this is of course a

attempting to do better at live stream I

wanted to squarely address a couple of

concerns slash objections that I hear in

the space constantly there's we've got

actually got a couple popular videos

right now one is some more over 400,000

views right now about how I feel

Christmas pardon me

you know this Brian page Edie shows up

everywhere and I'm trying to watch my

own live stream with you guys and this

Brian page ad pops up you know he

doesn't make that much money I think he

brags he makes like 300 thousand dollars

a year on the non his like portfolio and

he's selling a course but anyway let's

move on from that because yes our