Airbnb vs Staying at a Hotel - Honest Airbnb Review From Guest Plus Tips

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hey guys how's it going it's jewel

talentino here alright so in this video

I'm gonna be doing a first-time review

of air B&B alright so if you guys are

just here for the air B&B promo code

head down to the description below as I

will have that link for you guys you

guys will get $45 off your next booking

and then will get $20 off so we all get

to share the love so this is gonna be my

honest and unbiased review of the air

B&B service alright so it was my very

first time using air B&B this past

summer was the first time I used it we

used it in Vancouver Island when we went

down to the horn lake caves and then we

used it again in Portland Oregon and

then again in downtown Vancouver so I've

used Airbnb three times now and I'm

going to be using it again in Scottsdale

Arizona and in Bermuda in the 2018 year