FIrst Time Using Airbnb? How to Be a Great Airbnb Guest. Airbnb Tips.

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preyus Linda here and today I'm going to

tell you how you can be a great Airbnb

gift the first step to being a great

Airbnb gift is to communicate with your

host so if your host messages you don't

like wait till the next day to message

them back because it's going to give

them anxiety and they're going to wonder

you know if you're really going to show

up or what the deal is

so trying to communicate with your hosts

and then maybe give them a heads up the

day before like hey I'm planning on

arriving at like you know 2 o'clock or

could I have an early check-in that kind

of thing just so that they you know

they're comfortable knowing that you are

actually going to arrive another thing

you really want to avoid as an Airbnb

gift is to show up with extra gifts

without letting your host know so don't