Literally EVERYTHING you need to know to start an Airbnb business (and manage remotely)

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when the raw build community was pulled

what do you prefer 52 percent of you

said you prefer when i get right into

the content too bad because i got a


funny intro coming your way impressions

impressions wow slow wow

john molina hi i'm john mulaney peter

mckinnon what's up everybody hey you

grams what's up it's guys here

i don't know i kind of think that's

pretty good well i'll never get those 29

minutes back so

hi everybody and welcome to the third

installment of my airbnb series going on

all this month we've talked about what

airbnb is the five different airbnb

business models that you can get started

with and today i'm really excited i'm

really excited to talk about how to set

up your airbnb business from start to