HOW I AFFORD RENT AT 19 YEARS OLD!! My first apartment tips and tricks NOBODY t

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hey guys what's up it's your favorite

youtuber Jaya and I'm that kid again

with another video so okay in today's

video we were going to be talking about

rent specifically how I pay my rent

because I'm 19

I live in Los Angeles and my rent 1095 a

month and that's pretty darn expensive a

lot of people are confused about how I

pay it every month so I want to make

this video to show you guys how I pay my

rent so you can guys kind of like see if

you can use it to pay your rent you want

to smooth out on your own so without

further ado let's get into half in my

ribs period no I'm just kidding okay so

number one and if you see me looking

down alive because I'm looking at my

notes my notes is the only way I'm gonna

get through this video okay okay so

number one point number one is the first