Can't Afford Assisted Living? What do you do? - CASE STUDY

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hey guys today I'm gonna talk to you

about a case study this is a question

that's brought to my attention the other

damn thing would be helpful for a lot of

you folks who are maybe in a similar

situation as this particular case that

he was so hey my name is Chris channa

I'm the owner of Chelsea boys Senior

Care and today we're on senior source TV

and so what I wanted to speak with you

guys about was there we had a lady that

reached out to us it was a daughter she

was caring for her mom currently they're

both living in their home together all

under one roof but she is unable to you

know care for her 24/7 365 like she she

has been and she was looking for you

know what are my options for my mom you

know when it comes to assisted living

what are my options her budget right now

is $1,800 a month that's all she has per