How To Buy An iPhone As A Teenager (5 Tips)

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my name is Steve with founder of how to

make money as a kid calm and today I'm

gonna teach you how to buy a brand new

iPhone so how to make money as a kid

calm it's all about helping you you make

money live your dreams so that you can

buy whatever you want including a new

iPhone so this is actually an iPhone

eight I literally just came today and

you're seeing me open it for the first

time unboxing oh there it is brand new

iPhone 8 plus actually pretty excited

about this so how can you as a teenager

afford this especially if your parents

won't buy you one

you're not one of those rich kids let's

talk about five tips for how you can buy

your own iPhone okay so first off how

much do these iPhone scoffs now look

pretty expensive now you can get an

Android phone and I here for a lot