How to Acquire New Customers for Your Business

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people can feel your authenticity if they know that you don't know what

you're doing or you haven't done it or you're not willing to do it so all right

how do you acquire new customers that was a question that about five people

asked verbatim there at the end of the day there's I'm gonna get philosophical

on you here and I'm gonna tie it back into this so there's a concept give

Jason a round of applause all right I mean I've seen some erasers in my time

this guy do they look at this he's got a wingspan of a pterodactyl

all right so there's a concept and if you're gonna write anything down in

whatever you're writing down in tonight write down this concept and hopefully

you'll get it okay so who here who here has ever been in

sales say yes okay got it so who's made just on one day just like

a ton of phone calls and nothing happened all right have you ever had an

experience where you were making a ton of phone calls and just really pounding

hard really pounding hard and you're trying to get that sale and then

somebody out of the blue that wasn't even on your list called you and bought

how many is ever how many of you have ever experienced something like that a

few of you yeah so I'm gonna go philosophical spiritual with you somehow

this seems to work the more you as a business owner let's call that you are

out flowing the more you'll actually pull in stuff sometimes it's good

sometimes it's not but if you're out flowing with the right intention it'll

come back to you now what happens to a lot of us a lot of business owners