Bank Marketing: How to Attract New Customers When You Cannot Compete with Mega Banks

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all right on this video we are going to

talk about how to attract new customers

when you cannot compete with megabanks

and before I forgot if you are in if you

are so serious about glory posit you can

check out a webinar that I created for

you by typing go to Bank webinar calm

okay so let's get started okay so here's

another question from Karen so she's

asking um ask ask ask as a community

bank with no real advertising budget how

do you attract new customers when you

cannot compete with the product and

services of mega banks great question

Karen's so let's get started alright so

you may realize that I want to pour some

of this that from a local shirt

statistic that you um that you may want

to pay attention to for example 97% of

shirt online to find a local businesses

before we go into that to the business