5 Ways To Gain Clients For An Insurance Business!

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if you don't get new clients you will

fail keep watching this video to figure

out five ways to gain clients for any

insurance business okay I'm Cody Asche

because I started when I was 19 as an

intern I made 117k in my first 8 months

I used several these ways and I'm going

to share with you and I'ma sharing with

you right now so don't go anywhere

the very first one to just jump right on

how to gain clients is face to face

networking ok there's several other ways

I believe that every way is actually

going to get better the longer in the

video that you stay and it may have a

special deal at the end of the video if

you watch the entire video so we'll stay

tuned and wait for that okay so face to

face networking what I'm talking about

is there are a lot of local things that

you can do that you can help okay so