Fallout 4 - How To Get More Settlers To Your Settlements

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yo scan on guys I'm Jake RA and in this

video I'm going to be showing you how

you can get more settlers to your

settlement in Fallout 4 so it's

basically a numbers game you just need

to look at the numbers at the top of the

screen when you enter your Workshop mode

and you have to make sure that there's

more food more war more beds and defense

doesn't really matter or power but

there's more food more war more beds

than the amount of people that are

currently in your settlement so as you

can see here I've crafted a little shack

with loads of beds so as many people as

there's beds can come and stay in the

settlement and be happy instead of the

workshop mod because that's making

everything look a bit weird there we go

you can see there's loads of beds I

think there's 20 beds in total in my