Navy SEAL Explains How to Build Mental Toughness - David Goggins

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the younger generation quits not

everybody so I got it I got put there

people get their butt hurt so not

everybody most of this generation quits

the second they get talked to you did

this wrong you did this wrong or they

get yelled at it's so easy to be great

nowadays because everybody else says

most people are weak this is a softened

generation so if you have any mental

toughness any of any ability you have

any fraction of self-discipline the

ability to not want to do it but still

do it people have a hard thing

understand I hate to run and what makes

me so crazy it doesn't even more pickle

why do you run if you hate it I don't

want to take showers and need either I

hate that too then the whole that's life


it wasn't until I changed that mentality