Teach life skills and change our world: Jill Siegal Chalsty at TEDxCharleston

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forty years ago a girl named Sarah

bullied me so horribly that the thing

she did affect me to this day in eighth

grade I spend breaks and lunch hours

alone in the library crying and then at

our 10-year high school reunion this

girl Sarah she came up to me and she

apologized she said that to make amends

for things she did to me and others she

was teaching young people life skills

and that if we had learned them when we

were young our lives would be very

different now Sarah was a National Merit

Scholarship finalist and a cheerleader

she graduated and went off to UC

Berkeley where she says her house of

cards came tumbling down it turns out

that while Sarah was coming to school

and bullying me and other kids she was

going home and being bullied by her

alcoholic mother and her mother's