How to get a Japanese visa | Moving to Japan

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a lot of people ask me out I can start a

life in Japan find work here and so on

the one thing you will always need if

you want to do this is a visa there are

27 different types of long stay visa in

Japan and in this video I will give you

an overview over the ones I think apply

to most of you and show you what you

need to do to get them let's start


at the moment Japan has visa exemption

agreements with 68 countries in the

world if you are a citizen of one of

these countries you are allowed to enter

Japan without a visa as long as you do

not engage in paid activities you are

allowed to stay for up to 90 days

exceptions are citizens from Brunei

Indonesia and Thailand which are allowed

to stay for up to 15 days and citizens

from the United Arab Emirates which can