Jim Carrey - How To Find Happiness In Life | A Chilling Speech

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you're on a spiritual journey period and

we're all gonna end up in the same place

if there is such a saying

I used to be a guy who was experiencing

the world and now I feel like the world

in the universe experiencing a god all

we really earn for is our own absence I

don't want anything that's the craziest

thing and it's the weirdest thing to say

where I have no ambition somewhere in

the middle of absolute confusion

absolute disappointment the fruition of

all of my dreams standing there with

everything anybody else had ever dreamed

about having and be unhappy

you know it's not it's not Jim Carrey

who can walk down the street just just

you know doing anything he wants to and

get away with it because nobody knows

you you know after a while hopefully

it'll be to the point where I can't walk