Borderlands 3 | How to get Golden Keys ( Fast & Easy )

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how's it going guys needless space here

and welcome to another video today we're

gonna be talking about Borderlands 3 and

how to get golden keys and if you stick

around to the end of the video you can

actually get eight free golden keys so

when a Borderlands three golden keys are

a way to open up the golden chests and

get some pretty rare loot they were also

in Borderlands 2 but unfortunately you

cannot transfer the keys over and I will

say it is also a good idea to use these

when you are a higher level as the loot

that you get from them does scale up

with you so how do you get golden keys

well you can get them by obtaining shift

codes which are codes that are given out

during certain special events and if you

follow Randy Pitchford on Twitter he

will put out quite a few different shift

codes but these ones usually only last