How to Get Free Legal Help in all 50 States: Pro Bono Legal Aid and DIY Options Available!

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if you're wondering how to get free legal help, we've got answers! At

Low Income Relief, we've found help in all 50 US states! Why is this so

important? I don't know if you've heard about the "justice gap," but it's a real

problem for low-income households in America. The US Pledge of Allegiance

includes the phrase "with liberty and justice for all,"

but many low-income families have found that they cannot afford justice in this

country. If you've ever tried to hire a lawyer, you already know how insanely

expensive it is to get competent legal help. According to the Center for

American Progress, the average hourly billing rate for a US attorney is $284

per hour. if you've been accused of a crime, then

you're entitled to free help from a public defender. However, this is not true

if you are being sued for a debt, facing eviction from a landlord, filing a

divorce or engaged in another civil law matter. You either have to pay a lot of

money for legal representation or risk going through the entire process without

any legal help at all. That is, unless you learn how to get free legal help from a

low income legal aid agency! Before we get into that, though, I'd like to tell

you a little more about the justice gap. It's a bigger problem than most of us

realize. Consider some of these sobering statistics we found from across the web.

First, low income people are more likely to have civil legal issues - and that

makes sense because it's hard to pay your bills when you're barely making it month-to-month.

Sickness or a small emergency or a car repair is enough to put low income