How to Get Your First 10 Customers

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Eric asks need your advice on getting

the first 10 customers for a creative

service startup we make product videos

for online retailers Eric I once made a

video and let's link this up down here

below and let's put it up right here can

you can you guys make another video move

in here is it just gonna be a still shot

yeah if it's on YouTube we can make it

look beautiful the famous video I made

where I cold call people for customers

right and it was something people really

loved then that's my answer to get the

first 10 customers you have to grind

sorry D Rock and I screwed up your but

you have to grind what I mean by

grinding is you have to just reach out

to every single person like you just

have to roll up on people I mean like

hey will you buy my stuff there was one

customer so I was awesome did you catch