Attracting Customers Through Social Media

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um so I want to actually advice on

something let's say you have like a

business that was going well you built

it up from the ground it's a custom

clothing and apparel you know sneakers

hats all that I was getting on

celebrities and you know I get a lot of

shout outs when I'm a lot of tags

getting a lot of traction on Instagram

and then my account got disabled why

answer akak um become acceptable now it

was like acceptable use policy and I was

going back and forth with them and I

still haven't gained access to account

so I also had a personal account but it

wasn't as big as that one so you know

sales decreased dramatically and I'm

just trying to gain traction and I

wanted to like have some advice you know

like it basically took a bulldozer and

knock down my whole business and like