14 Effective Conflict Resolution Techniques

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14 Effective Conflict Resolution Techniques

When we have a difference of opinion with somebody, we often try to correct them, to

convince them that our point of view is ‘correct’ and theirs is ‘not.’

After all, we would never hold a point of view we thought is wrong.

Yet, we all know from experience how difficult it is to get others to admit to being wrong.

It is usually not only futile; it often leads to real conflict.

Thankfully, there are a number of effective conflict resolution strategies - so consider

giving them a try!

Number 1 - Don’t Get Defensive

In any conflict - whether it’s professional or personal - we all feel the urge to rush

to our defense.

You may find yourself constantly trying to correct the other’s position with “but”,

“nevertheless”, “however” in defense of your own position before they are even

finished explaining their opinion.

Try turning the situation around.

How do you feel when another person is constantly contradicting you and seems unwilling to consider

your opinion?

Take a moment and really try to see things their way.

They have reasons for their point of view, just as you do for yours.

This doesn’t mean that you have to accept their position, but if you let them know you