Financial Education Video - How to Raise Capital: The #1 Skill of an Entrepreneur

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hello robert kiyosaki again and this is

installment three and it's my sharing

information about what my seminar will

be about how to raise capital the number

one skill of an entrepreneur to be held

May 1st 2nd 3rd 2009 Scottsdale Arizona

price is $5,000 so thank you for

listening and I will share some of the

insights I've learned over the years on

raising capital again is the most

important skill I have and just to

reiterate was in nineteen próxima 1975 I

came out with this product and we were

extremely successful but we kept running

out of money the more successful we got

the more we ran out of money so that's

when I went to my rich debt I tried to

borrow $100,000 and he chewed me out he

says why would I invest in a dumb

product when you have a bad business and

so that's what that's when he began