How To Do A British Accent FAST

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all right so let's learn ourselves some

accents the accent we're gonna be

working on in learning today is a

British accent this is gonna be a video

on how to get a British accent fast this

video is gonna be a great stepping stone

on getting you a few key points that'll

at least help you sound a little bit

more British instead of going to an

audition or trying to do a character

with a British accent and sounding like

an actor trying to do a British accent

instead of sounding like a person who

can actually just do somewhat of a

British accent so this is a video that's

gonna try and help you guys and it's a

quick video a quick fix to try and in

order to get this British accent so the

first thing that I want to talk about

that's gonna help you tremendously it's

changing your age instead of going at