How to buy Bitcoin in Kenya using MPESA

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in this video i show you exactly  how you can be able to buy bitcoin  

using MPESA let's get those credits rolling

now it is common place that people are talking  about bitcoin and the price keeps shooting up  

i'll share with you a graph of the last 12  months and the price of bitcoin keeps fluctuating  

it is not possible to ignore bitcoin  there is a directive by the central bank  

cautioning people to be careful with bitcoin here  are my thoughts if you want to buy bitcoin safely  

you need a site where it is already trusted so  i have been using a platform called paxful i've  

done a number of transactions on the platform  i'll share a link in the description it will be  

the first link so that you can be able to follow  along on how you can be able to buy bitcoin using  

m-pesa so here we are on the site of  paxful and we want to create our own wallet  

for bitcoin and the reason why i use this platform  is because of the fact that it has m-pesa on  

it i know there's another platform called local  bitcoins which i haven't tried but this is a good  

one because i've done a number of trades on it  and it is very reliable from my own experience so  

what we'll start with is signing up for an account  and that is really simple you just go here and say  

get started and then you will click on create  account now when you're creating an account it is  

free to create one and then it will just ask for  your email address and your password and then we  

can create the paxful account so that is what we  will do and then you will be able to get onto the  

system so you can be able to open a paxful account  whether it is on mobile or on your phone so what  

will happen is it sends you a verification code  to your email address which now you need to input  

here and login to the account so the next thing it  will ask for is to verify my phone number which is  

the phone number that you'll be able to use and  i'll be able to place it in once this is done