Destiny 2: How to Get BAD JUJU - Easy Guide! - Tribute Cheese!

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what is up guys Rick kak is here thank

you so much for stopping by

and today we are going to be showcasing

how to get the new bad juju exotic quest

pulse rifle in destiny 2 as easily as

possible now I do apologize for being a

few days late with this I thought I

could take a nice vacation after

Guardian con with the wife I mean it's

only been a week since the Lumina quest

but Bungie had other ideas

in any event here we are again thank you

for joining me and let's get started so

the bad juju is acquired after

completing a certain amount of tributes

for the new tribute hall activity but

the first thing you're going to need to

do is head down to the barge on necess

next to the NPC there's a new chest that

hasn't been there before open this chest

it is going to cost the usual 5,000