Link Building for Beginners: Complete Guide to Get Backlinks

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Link building is arguably the most challenging part of SEO.

It's a part that requires technical prowess, a creative approach, and just straight up

grit and grind.

Now, if you're a beginner to link building or you've tried building links without much

success, then today's link building tutorial is going to help you get backlinks efficiently

so you can rank your pages higher on Google.

Stay tuned.


Link building has built all sorts of reputations.

But there are generally two dominant views.

There's one party of SEOs that live and die by it.

And then there's the opposition, that considers it to be a spammy tactic.

Now, in order to come to a conclusion, we need to define what link building is.

By definition, link building is the process of getting other websites to link to a page

on your website.

And these hyperlinks are called backlinks.

Now, while the end result might make sense conceptually and seem simple, the part that

people don't understand and can't seem to get right is this part: The Process.

And this ultimately boils down to execution.

Now, the reason why execution is tough is because people just focus on the end result:

getting backlinks to their pages.