Final Fantasy X | HD - How to get Anima Aeon / Summon

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hello everyone welcome back to another

video Final Fantasy 10 remaster edition

for PlayStation 3 we're going to be

getting anima today and basically to get

anima you need to have the coordinates

or go to coordinates 11 to 16 so X X 11

to 16 so X ah X 11 all right eleven

right there and what you're looking for

y is 57 so somewhere around here alright

right there and that there it is so

that's a temple you want and we're just

going to dive out there and then go

there and that this is how you get the

summit all right it should be added into

the list which is a great thing and you

will be fighting someone here so be

careful here it is here we go

alright remember this place this is

where you first began the game so you

know there is actually something down

there and yeah it's it's a big big