Don't Like Vegetables? Try This!

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hey guys dr. Berg here I wanted to create a video for those individuals who

do not like vegetables and I am that person I never did I still don't but I

eat a lot of vegetables okay but let's talk about it why don't people like

vegetables first of all it's time consuming you have to prepare it you

have to cut the vegetables it's a pain in the butt and then they don't really

taste that great they don't give you a lot of pleasure

lots of chewing if I if I didn't have to get healthy and I and health wasn't a

problem and I get anything I want I probably live on potato chips popcorn

Pizza salty foods on the salt person right I wouldn't have any vegetables

well what happened is that I got in trouble when I was in my 20s because I

did not consume the amount of vegetables that I needed so really we the main

thing that we need from vegetables is the nutrients the raw enzymes the

vitamins the minerals that's why we need to consume them now if you have any

chance of restoring liver damage or even losing weight you're going to have to

change your mind about vegetables and consume a lot you cannot successively

long-term lose weight and get healthy without vegetables it's impossible like

eating a little bit of cook this or powder this or it's not going to cut it

you're going to have to eat vegetables and I'm sorry but corn is not what I'm

talking about or peas you're not going to get the amount of vegetables you need

actually at least half of these vegetables raw okay so I understand

there's certain things that bloat people and that's fine we can steam them but we