How to Taste Red Wine

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I'm Debbie I would say one of the owner

and co-founder of 2050 restaurant which

is a one on your dated restaurant today

that is to go throughout the taste wine

it has to be kind of relaxed and very

informal approach having said that it's

still four things to remember when you

do taste one is the visual aspect of the

wine the smell gives you a lot of

information tasting the wine obviously

is very important that's why we like to

open bottles and drink the wine and then

the last one is a conclusion which is

drawn from the first three parts so this

is the all those four key elements makes

wine to be more of a pleasure

understanding it better still being kind

of relaxed and approachable which one

should be all about let's take those

four key elements for the wine tasting

and let's go and enjoy some classic red