How to obtain a domain name that it is already taken

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so what is it domain I really want is

taken well it's very likely that's gonna

happen so then you're gonna have to

figure out a way to bite and there are

two different options you can either

contact the owner directly or you can go

through a intermediary that can contact

the owner and buy on your behalf for a

commission if they succeed let's say you

wanna buy make form calm I know it's

taken so I need to find who owns it

I can go to who is domain type

the domain I want to acquire and look

and press search a lot of the

information about the owner is public

unless they bought what they call a who

is protection guard in which case all

the data here will not be from the owner

it would be just kind of like generic

data and then you have to actually

connect through an email that would say