How To Create Paypal Account? How To Setup Paypal Account Instructions, Guide, Tutorial

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in today's video I'm gonna walk you guys

through the step-by-step process on how

to go about setting up a PayPal account

right now I'm on PayPal homepage and

I'll link the PayPal website right at

the top of the video description if you

want to click on that link to access

PayPal calm so the first thing that you

need to decide is whether you're gonna

go with a personal account or a business

account the vast majority of you guys

are probably going to be going with the

personal account now for those who might

want to go with a business account it's

gonna be if you're selling goods and

services with this PayPal account or if

you're gonna be accepting donations

those are the situations where you

probably want to go with that business

PayPal but the personal account is gonna

be great for buying goods and services