The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt | Thou Shalt Not Pass Quest Guide

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what's up YouTube and welcome back to

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and this is the

Dow shalt not past quest and I'm going

to show you how to complete this quest

in order to get into novigrad now if you

missed my infinite money exploit which

as of recording this video still works

you're going to want to get into

novigrad very early on in the game so

this is how you do it if you come over

to this island here as I'm showing this

is in Velan you're not going to be able

to get past the guard and this is what's

going to pop up you're going to get this

quest without any indication or marker

or anything of what you're supposed to

actually do so here I am to help you so

on the map here we can see that there

are two ways to get into novigrad the

one that I was currently at and then

this one over here what you're gonna