How to Vanish With a New Identity - 100% Legal Methods Only #newidentity

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how to vanish with a new identity if

you're wondering how to vanish

completely and start over you've come to

the right place changing your whole life

isn't easy but there are some steps you

can follow to successfully get a new

identity start by closing your existing

bank accounts and stopping all online

transactions limit yourself to cash only

even PayPal is a no go be as thorough as

possible speaking of having an online

presence make sure you delete all your

social media accounts take into

consideration that deleting some of them

takes a while so be sure to start ahead

it's best to do this simultaneously with

the previous step if you have a pet look

into finding them a new home if you own

a car be sure to sell it use public

transportation to get around instead now

that you've made sure that no one can