How to Get a Liquor License: Cheat Sheet for All 50 States

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In this video, we’re going to cover how to get a liquor license.

I’m Eric Goldschein, editor at Fundera.

Liquor licensing laws differ in each state, but this video is going to be helpful no matter

where you’re located.

I’ll cover the basics of liquor licensing laws and some of the essential differences

among the states, so you can get your restaurant or beverage business licensed as soon as possible.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Gather the documents you’ll need.

No matter which state your business is located in, there are several documents that you’ll

need to apply for a liquor license.

Gather the following:

Photo identification for all business owners.

Your business’s contact information.

Proof of business ownership such as a certificate of incorporation.

Employer identification number if you have one.

A lease agreement or copy of certificate of title for the premises.

Copy of other business permits, such as zoning permits.

Photos of the restaurant or business.

Menu of food and drinks that you’ll be serving

If you have these items organized and ready to go, you can speed up getting your liquor