How to acquire any language NOT learn it!

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Yet people ask me that I'm trying to learn another language, what is the most important sentence to learn first?

"It's not where's the bathroom?"

It's not

"I'm lost help me." We have done extensive research on this, we have interviewed millions of people

and the winner easily is

"My friend will pay."

Esp [Dos cervezas por favor, mi amigo va pagar] Fra [mon ami va payer] Ger [mein Freund wird bezahlen]

Ok, that's today's joke. Let's go on.

My name is Jeff Brown and I am a language lover. I love languages

I've decided to make this video because I'm gonna show you. I want to show you, guys, how to learn or how to acquire

the language of your choice, the language of your dreams in one year

During this video

What I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be showing you a step by step exactly

what you need to do to acquire or to learn the language of your dreams and

Check this out during this year during this video. I am going to be acquiring a new language. I'm gonna be learning a new language

Over the year and I'm gonna show you exactly step by step what I do to acquire that language

So, during this video, I'm gonna show you what you need to do and I'm gonna show you


learning a new language. So, I've decided to learn Arabic

I chose Arabic because Arabic, from what I understand from what I hear, is an extremely difficult language

So let's talk about the name of this video for a second