How to Get a Job With No Experience

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Hi, it's Linda Raynier of

Career Strategist. I help experienced corporate professionals to develop their personal brand

get clear on the work they're meant to do and grow that into a meaningful career.

So, I've been getting a lot of questions and comments lately on

my interview, my resume videos.

And, one of the most common questions I've been getting, has been

"How do I approach my job search when I have no experience?"

So, in this video, I want to share with you a key exercise that

everyone needs to do, whether or not they have experience

before you send out your resume and go on interviews.

And I can tell you that this has nothing to do with the resume or interview itself,

it actually has more to do with you as an individual so you definitely want to pay attention.

So here's the problem that a lot of you may be facing or that you're seeing.

The real problem, however, is that

you didn't know how to sell yourself to the employers and get them to hire you anyways,

despite your lack of experience.

In other words, you weren't able to express your personal brand.

So considering that you're probably someone without experience,

this is a likely scenario where you're just at the very early stages of establishing your career.

Or, you are someone who already had a previous career

but you want to switch into another market or industry.