How To Get Approved For Your First Credit Card

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hey guys just a credit card maestro and

today I wanted to talk about getting

your first credit card you can be young

you could be old does not matter I

really wanted to talk about this topic

today I get a lot of questions on people

who may not have credit cards again you

can be young you can be all it has no

age requirement I'm gonna give you my

experiences on how I got my first credit

card how it benefits me today and how

you can get approved for your first

credit card - I hope you guys are

excited for this video let's get into it

so the first thing I always like to do

is I like to have a game plan right I

want to make sure that we solely meaning

you or me

the person in this situation or the

person who wants to credit card we are

ready to get a credit card it's a