How to work a Leveraged Buy Out or LBO - How to Buy a Business - David C Barnett

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so this week I got a question from Wayne

on YouTube who saw my video about buying

a business with no money Wayne disagreed

with the video he said that anyone with

a bit of brains could put a be deal

together without using any of their own

money otherwise leveraged buyouts

wouldn't exist so this week I'm making a

video for Wayne where I'm going to

explain how leverage buyouts really work

and if it's actually something that

could be done by somebody with no money

take a look hey everyone it's david

barnett from david ceebar Netcom the

blog site youtube channel and soon to be

podcast feed where i talk about buying

and selling businesses borrowing money

lending money managing small businesses

personal wealth issues of business

owners and anything else really that

people want to ask me about this week's