[How to Get Your 501c3] Sample 501c3 Application

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hi I'm Belinda Whitfield of Whitfield

and associates and I have been preparing

501c3 applications for about 15 years

now and I will be honest with you the

first time that I prepared my 501c3

application for my first client I was a

bit confused going through all of the

IRS instructions in publication five

five seven and you may have downloaded

it from the website you realize there's

a lot of instructions that you need to

go through and I'll tell you some of

those questions that are on Form 10 23

can be quite confusing and leave you

scratching your head trying to figure

out okay how do you respond to these

different questions so I'll tell you

that first application that I sent in

yeah I did my best and it did come back

with some additional questions acts but

I'll tell you I learned from that