GREEN Token description

We propose the GREEN Token to support green technologies.

Coin name: Green Token
Ticker: GREEN
Ethereum Contract: 0x5e68801a5dda8671051006eb2920ffe9cd553544
Polygon Contract: 0x8a4001fd666be272605c56bb956d11a46200db81
Decimals: 8

Standard: ERC20
Supply: 108 000 000 000

We propose the GREEN Token to support green technologies. - Only to buy (from 100+ cryptocurrencies)

Always check our contract address! 0x8a4001fd666be272605c56bb956d11a46200db81
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What does Green Technologies mean?

  • Green Renewable Energy.
  • Zero Carbon Electricity, Ecological Fuel.
  • Green Power Engines(WIG craft industry).
  • International Blockchain Seeds Bank and Exchange.
  • Global Climate Change Research Center.
  • Waste Processing Plants.
  • Earth Resources Smart Management.

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