GreenCoin description

We propose the GreenCoin to support green technologies.

Coin name: GreenCoin
Coin abbreviation: GRN
Address start letter: G
Source code forked from Bitcoin

Algorithm: SHA256
Type: PoW

Target spacing between blocks/confirmations: 1 min
Block reward: 250 coins
Block halving: 100000 blocks
Coin supply: 100 000 000 coins
Pre-mined: 50 000 000 coins

P2P port: 33099
RPC port: 33100

We propose the GreenCoin to support green technologies.

What does Green Technologies mean?

  • Green Renewable Energy.
  • Zero Carbon Electricity, Ecological Fuel.
  • Green Power Engines(WIG craft industry).
  • International Blockchain Seeds Bank and Exchange.
  • Global Climate Change Research Center.
  • Waste Processing Plants.
  • Earth Resources Smart Management.

Do you love cryptocurrencies?

We build new one to finance green technologies and plant business.

Want free coins?

You can send on your wallet free coins from our Faucet page