GreenCoin description

We propose the GreenCoin to support green technologies.
Target spacing between blocks/confirmations: 1 min
Algorithm: SHA256
Type: PoW
Coin name: GreenCoin
Coin abbreviation: GRN
Address start letter: G
P2P port: 33099
Block reward: 250 coins
Block halving: 100000 blocks
Coin supply: 100 000 000 coins
Pre-mined: 50 000 000 coins

Exchange for GRN available:
Pools: and


Windows wallet:

Alternative links:
Windows wallet/node:
Linux walet/node:
Linux daemon node:
Source code:
Main node url:

Do you love cryptocurrencies?

We build new one to finance green technologies and plant business.

Want more?

Source code you can find on GitHub. And the linux node available here.